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Saimaa UAS - new students: Welcome to Lappeenranta Academic Library!

Guidance about library use and information searching for new Saimaa UAS students




A student of Saimaa UAS has to register for Lappeenranta Academic Library to get the right to borrow material.

Facilities and collections of the campus library become familiar by doing Library Orientation assignments.

Help in information problems is found on the Moodle course "Searching and using information".

Skinnarila campus library is available 24/7 - you have to get your own magnetic key from student union Saiko.



For borrowing, you need to register: fill in the customer data form and come to the campus library service desk 1-2 days later to collect your library card. Be prepared to show your ID.

Customers must observe the library's current rules on usage and loans.

Library Orientation

Get to know the campus library by doing the Library Orientation assignments. The assignments are in Saimaa UAS Moodle and you have to visit the library to do them. Download your answers by using a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

The Library Orientation assignments may be compulsory on your course. If so, follow the instructions and deadlines of your teacher.

Searching and using information

Searching information is much more than using Google. The Moodle course "Searching and using information" gives you guidance to use proper tools in UAS level.

When needed, you'll get more information and instructions in the Library or by chat / e-mail.

Self-directed use of the library

Saimaa UAS students have the right to use Skinnarila campus library 24/7 if not notified otherwise. Self-directed use of the Library requires acquiring a personal magnetic key. Magnetic keys can be collected at Saiko. You have to pay a deposit for the key. For self-directed library use, you have to follow the 24/7 etiquette of Lappeenranta Academic Library.


First aid for many problems and information needs can be found in the LibGuides.



Origo Service Desk (lending, workshop rooms, LUT user accounts etc.):
Tel: +358 40 159 4941

Information service:
Chat on library webpages
Tel: +358 50 410 4652

Book a time for information service

Interlibrary lending:
Puh: +358 40 837 2508

Interlibrary loan request