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RefWorks: Getting Information into RefWorks

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Data Vendor Import Instructions

RefWorks supports hundreds of databases provided by numerous data vendors. Import filter development is an ongoing process and new filters are being added continually. For a complete up-to-date list of import filters, click here.

For detailed import instructions for many data vendors, click here.

How do I bring my research information into my database?

There are six ways to build your database in RefWorks:

To organize the data, create folders for specific topics, assign descriptors (keywords) to references as you add them to the database, or use some combination of both. If you use descriptors to organize the data, select By Descriptor from the Search menu option to search and locate your references.

If you use folders, note that the same reference can be in several folders depending on your need. You can create a folder for each assignment, research paper, article etc. This keeps your references well organized.


Video Tutorial: Adding References to RefWorks Using Direct Export

Video Tutorial: Adding References to RefWorks by Importing Text Files - PubMed Example

Video Tutorial: Adding References to RefWorks by Manual Entry