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RefWorks: Creating In-text Citations and a Reference list

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Additional Information

RefWorks allows you to create in-text citations and reference lists automatically.

Make sure to check for missing data in the output. If, for example, the year is missing from a reference, check your database to be sure the year is in the data. If not, add it to the data and reformat the paper.

There may also be situations where manual editing may be necessary. Please check your formatted paper carefully before final submission.

In-text citations and Reference List

Citing and Creating a Reference List

  • Mark your references while typing your text. When you come to a point where you cite a document, go to RefWorks (RW) and click the Cite symbol {} at the used reference. Clicking {} opens the Citation viewer window where you see a code. Copy the code and paste it in your text at the point where you cite the reference. Do this every time you cite.
  • Save your text (working file).
  • When your text is ready, click Bibliography in RW. Select  "format document". Select your preferred output style, click ”select a file”, and browse for your text file.
  • RefWorks now goes through all your in-text codes and makes them real in-text citations according to the selected style. Also it creates a reference list at the end of your paper. The new file is named the same as your working file but with the word Final in front of it.

In case you need advanced editing of in-text citations, visit RW help here. Browse to Writing Your Paper And Creating Your Bibliography > Using One Line/Cite View.