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Finna EN: Paying online in Finna

Library payments

You can pay online only overdue fines. All kinds of library payments can be paid at the library. For more information, contact the library's customer service.


Paying online in Finna

Payment in Finna (LUT Finna, Saimia Finna and Wilma Finna) can be conducted via Finnish online banks or by using international credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard).

Before you pay online, please note the following things

  • You can pay online overdue fines of returned or renewed loans only.
  • If there is a text Overdue, not returned, the fine cannot be paid before the loan has been renewed or returned.
  • If your fines amount to 10 euros or more, or your loaned item has reservation, you cannot renew your loan. In that case, return the loan or contact the library.
  • Replacement of a lost item fees block paying online entirely.
  • You cannot change the amount of the payment.
  • The minimum payment is 0,50 €.
  • If there are problems with paying online, or if you have fees that cannot be paid online, please contact the library.
  • More information on overdue fines can be found here.

Paying online step by step

  • Login to Finna. Go to Your Account and choose Fines-tab.
  • Click Pay online button. Follow the instructions.
  • After you have paid, please remember to return to Finna so that the payment will be registered to the library system without a delay.

Paying at the library

  • You can pay all kinds of library payments at the library.
  • Customer service opening hours can be found here.