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Research Data Management Services for LUT: Etsin Research Data Finder


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Etsin Research data finder

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Etsin Research Data Finder

Etsin is a research data finder that contains descriptive information (metadata) on research datasets.

Researchers, research groups or organisations can use Etsin to publish information on their datasets and offer them for wider use. Haka-authenticated users may enter information on their own datasets, and of others' datasets with their permission. The published metadata on the dataset is open to everyone. The dataset itself doesn't have to be open. For example, it is possible to publish metadata of the dataset stored in the USB-stick.

Source: Etsin About (

How to add metadata of the dataset directly to Etsin?

  1. Go to Etsin and log in using your Haka-identifier (LUT user account).
  2. Click "Add dataset" and describe your dataset.
  3. After describing the metadata, click "Save and publish". The metadata is now public and discoverable.

Some data storage services (e.g. FSD) harvests the metadata automatically when data is saved to the storage service.

Source: Etsin User Instructions (

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