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Research Data Management Services for LUT: IDA Storage Service


CSC Scientist's User Interface SUI
New project and applying IDA storage space

Fairdata services:

IDA Storage service and its detailed instructions

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AVAA Open data publishing platform

Qvain Tool for describing datasets (in use at the end of 2018)

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EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure, Data management, access, re-use, preservation and analysis service

Zenodo Research data repository

eDuuni Collaboration service environment

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LUT Open Science Instructions

LibGuide to Open Science

IDA Storage Service

IDA storage service is is intended for stable research data, both raw data and processed datasets. It is not intended to use in real-time service or for a heavy-duty computing disk service. IDA is suitable for a longer term data storing, however, not for a sensitive personal data.

IDA storage space is applied via CSC's Scientist's User Interface SUI and it is used at

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Apply IDA space
Using IDA
Need more space?

Source: Open science and research instructions (,

Sign up

Sign up and login for SUI

1. Go to and click "Sign up". Authenticate by using HAKA login with your LUT user account. If you have no HAKA-ID, you must fill in a paper form to get access to SUI. In this case contact CSC service desk.

2. After login, you need to create a CSC username (in case you do not already have one) and register for a user of SUI. You receive an e-mail and after confirmation you can start using the SUI.

Source: Open science and research instructions (

Apply IDA space

Applying for IDA storage space

1. First you need to apply a new project to SUI. This project's Principal Investigator can apply disk space from IDA and add other users to IDA storage space. Select eService (Palvelut) dropdown menu and Resources and applications (Resurssit ja hakemukset) page.

2. From All Resources (Kaikki resurssit) menu, select Project (Projekti) --> Academic CSC Project (Akateeminen CSC Projekti).

3. Fill in the application form fields. As a Principal Investigator (Project Manager) of the project, you can add other members to this project by adding their e-mail addresses to the application.

At the end click Save. The application will be handled by the LUT administrator and you will receive an confirmation e-mail after acceptance.

4. After receiving the confirmation e-mail, you need to apply the IDA disk space for the project. The applying link is found from the confirmation e-mail. You can go also to All resouces (Kaikki resurssit), Storage (Tallennus), IDA Storage Service (Tutkimusaineistojen säilytyspalvelu IDA).

Note! It may take a while when the disk space is applicable after the acceptance of the project.

5. Fill in the application form for the storage space and click Save.
6. The application is accepted by the LUT administrator and after acceptance you will receive a confirmation e-mail when the disk space is in use.

More detailed instructions:

Source: Open science and research instructions (

Using IDA

How to use IDA storage space?

1. LUT recommends to use IDA via web browser. The renewed IDA storage space is found from Login to IDA with your HAKA-credentials (LUT username and password).

In the older version there was "My files" are accessible from SUI Desktop or "Computing environment" (Laskentaympäristö) dropdown menu, now the environment is changed.

2. Open the root folder of the staging area (the folder with the name ending in “+”) and click the “+” icon at the top of the view to upload files or create subfolders.

Files which have been uploaded to the staging area of the IDA service are moved to the frozen area by selecting and freezing a particular folder or file via the Freezing operations tab.

Files in the frozen area are visible to other data preservation services and can be included in data sets. Files in the staging area are not visible to other services and cannot be included in data sets.

NOTE: Files are not stored persistently in the IDA service until they are frozen.

See detailed instructions for uploading and deleting files.

3. Tips and guidance for using IDA in LUT:

  • IDA is recommended to use via LUT campus network or other landline network.
  • Transferring data to IDA takes about 8 Mb/s, so the 1 Gb data takes about 2 minutes to upload.
  • There is a possibility to describe data files with metadata, but it has to be done separately to each file. The best way is to describe the data to Etsin metadata service. IDA describes the minimum metadata to each file automatically.
  • If your dataset consists of several files it is recommended to compress them e.g. into one zip-file for uploading.
  • It is possible to delete only those files in which you are the owner.

More detailed instructions:

Source: Open science and research instructions (,

More disk space

How to apply more disk space?

  • Additional storage quota can be applied for twice a year by filling in an application form and sending it to The granted additional storage capacities is public information, so please attach also a public abstract to your application.

Source: Open science and research instructions (

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