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Linking guide: E-resources

Linking guide

About the guide

The guide gives you information how to link the library e-resourses to part of your teaching materials.

Terms of use

The Academic Library licenses e-resources for the use of its customers. The subjects are based on the degree programmes of LUT University and SUAS. The terms how to use each e-resourse can easily be read on Terms of use for e-resources -guide.

Licensed e-resourses require a log in by LUT´s or SUAS´ Haka-user account (user id and password). Finna-search brings also open access articles and e-books to the search result.

Something to notice

The contents of all e-material are not available through the Finna search. A direct link to the database's own interface can be found on the main page of the Finna, unsing "Databases" link.

When linking the material directly you must first check the terms of use of that e-material if the attachment of the material to the study material (eg in Moodle) is permitted.

Licenced e-materials by the Academic Library

The licensed materials obtained for LUT University and Saimaa UAS can be found in the organizational Finna search services:

LUT Finna
Saimia Finna

Use of e-materials requires the use of LUT University or Saimaa UAS (Haka) user account. The Login icon can be found at the top right of Finna views.

The benefits of using Finna links

When using the link found in Finna in your teaching material:

- The student is always directed to this page from where he can continue to use the materials by himself.
- The material can be accessed from anywhere, as Finna guides the user to log in.
- The Academic Library manages the links in Finna: you do not have to worry about whether the links work or not.
- The student sees the database description and the possible restrictions of use.
- Many publishers do not allow, for example, the direct storage and sharing of PDFs through the course pages or the teaching portal, so you do not have to worry about the materials you downloaded.
- The terms of use are not necessary the same in each material, esp. in e-journals, so you will save time and effort by making the linking via Finna!
- The library receives statistics of e-material use and can base acquisitions on the usage statistics.

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