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Linking guide: E-books

Linking guide


For the students and staff of LUT University, Saimaa UAS and Lahti UAS, the library has acquired literature in electronic form. Materials can be accessed via Finnas.

E-resources differ by organisation; LUT Finna, Saimia Finna and Masto-Finna have different content.

Virtual reference shelf

You can collect a list of articles, books, and databases in LUT and Saimia Finna for your students.

1. Save references to favourites and to the list of your choice.
2. Make your list public to get a link address for your list.
3. Share the link with your students e.g. in web page or via e-mail.

More information about the lists in Finna, topic Favourites.

How to link an e-book

All e-books acquired by the Academic Library are in LUT Finna, Saimia Finna and Masto-Finna. Use the Basic search to find an e-book.

1) Search the e-book from your organisation´s Finna by the title of the book

2) Open the record file by clicking the book´s title from the search result list. Copy the web address from the browser and paste it to your course materials.
For example:      

3) Instruct the students to open the book from the link SFX or Ebook Central. The link can be also named Access to e-resources.


4) The link takes the student to the Finna and to the e-book via Haka-login.

The benefits of using Finna links

When using the link found in Finna in your teaching material:

- The student is always directed to this page from where he can continue to use the materials by himself.
- The material can be accessed from anywhere, as Finna guides the user to log in.
- The Academic Library manages the links in Finna: you do not have to worry about whether the links work or not.
- The student sees the database description and the possible restrictions of use.
- Many publishers do not allow, for example, the direct storage and sharing of PDFs through the course pages or the teaching portal, so you do not have to worry about the materials you downloaded.
- The terms of use are not necessary the same in each material, esp. in e-journals, so you will save time and effort by making the linking via Finna!
- The library receives statistics of e-material use and can base acquisitions on the usage statistics.

Guides for using e-materials

Also see other guides related to the use of e-materials: