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Terms of use for e-resources: Chemical Abstracts SciFinder-n Scholar

LUT Academic Library


CA reference database
CAS REGISTRY:subsctance information
CAS REACT: chemical synthesis information
CHEMCATS: commercially available substances
CHEMLIST: regulated chemicals information

Owning organisation: LUT

LUT University

Authorize use

SciFinder® is for Educational use ONLY.

Commercial use of your University account is strictly prohibited.

Authorized User: A current faculty or staff member, or officially registered student of the Licensee institution. No access for walk-in users.
You have to register with your email account as a user of Chemical Abstracts SciFinder Scholar

By clicking the Accept button, I agree to the terms below:

  1. I am a current faculty, staff member or officially registered student of the University.
  2. I will use SciFinder® ONLY for my own academic research.
  3. I will not use SciFinder® for commercial research or for organizations other than my University.
  4. I will not share my unique username and password with any other individual.
  5. I will not use an automated script.
  6. I may store no more than 5,000 records in electronic form at any one time.

Violations of these terms may result in your University losing SciFinder® access.

Permitted use

Authorized Users are permitted to use SciFinder Scholar only for Academic Research. Academic Research is educational research done in the usual course in the pursuit of a degree; or research by faculty and students which is funded by the government or non-profit research foundations and intended for publication in the publicly available literature. To qualify as Academic Research, the research must not involve patentability searching. Research may be funded entirely or in part by for-profit entities, but to qualify as Academic Research the for-profit entities must not in return receive or be promised any good, product, interest, property right, profit, or service of any kind, tangible or intangible, including, but not limited to, patent rights, publishing rights, copyrights, data, research materials, or ownership interest in spin-out or start-up companies.

Authorized Users may:
- make searches in the ordinary course of Academic Research and may store search results in electronic form, provided that at any one time, no more than 5,000 records are stored by an Authorized User.
- search only for themselves and may share their search results in a reasonable, limited way with other students or faculty at the same Members who are working on the same research project. Any such sharing may not result in an aggregation of the electronic records stored by individual Authorized Users, nor in the creation of any central source of electronic records.
Stored records must be deleted when:
1. they are no longer needed by the Authorized User for the relevant research project
2. after the completion of Authorized User's degree program.
- distribute single copies of parts of CAS data in an incidental manner in print or electronic form to third party colleagues for the purposes of non-commercial scholarly communication or to be used for the basis of discussion groups.

Parts of CAS data may be incorporated in printed or electronic course packs for use by Authorized Users in the course of educational instruction. All CAS data shall reflect the appropriate attribution, listing the abstract's title, author, and publisher. Course packs in non-electronic, non-print forms (such as audio and Braille) may also be offered to Authorized Users who in the reasonable opinion of the Member are visually impaired. All course packs shall be destroyed at the conclusion of the educational instruction.

Prohibited use

Use for any other porpose or in any other manner than has been describes above in permitted uses is prohibited and requires the advance written permission of CAS (for example distribution of data by assignment, sale, sublicense, loan or other means of transfer to any third party, and any commercial use, whether paid or unpaid).

Walk-in-users are not permitted to use Scifinder Scholar.

Remote access

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users via the Licensee institution's secure network.