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Citing electronic documents: Electronic books


Citing E-books follows the same basic rules as citing a book which is printed on paper. With a few exceptions, though. Here you find a few examples of different case.

Citing an E-book


In-text citation:

The citation is similar to that of a paper book:

Lloyd (2005, p. 262) or (Lloyd 2005, p. 262).

Reference list

In this case the book is an edited one.

Lloyd, CB (ed.) 2005, Growing up global: The changing transitions for adulthood in developing countries, e-book, [E-book]. [Cited 2007-05-05]. Available:


E-book on an e-reader

In-text citation

(Smith 2008) or Smith (2008) argues that...

In e-books the page numbers are sometimes unavailable. In those case, use  chapter numbers to show where the information comes from.  

Reference list 

Smith, A 2008, The Wealth of Nations, Kindle Edition version, [E-book]. Cited 2010-08-10]

Smith, A 2008, The Wealth of Nations, Adobe Digital Editions version [E-book]. [Citec 2010-08-10] DOI: 10.1036/007142363X.

Where do I find e-books?

E-books can be searched in Finna the same way as the paper books. The result list can be modified so that only e-books are shown.

The e-book collections of LUT and Saimaa UAS are somewhat divergent. Use the Finna of your university and login using your username and password to access the e-books availabel for you.

Also search engines like Google Scholar can be used to find e-books.