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Citing electronic documents: Other sources

Other sources

On this page there are instructions about how to cite e.g. statistics and press releases.

RefWorks citation manager helps also in citing web sources. Instructions are available in  RefWorks LibGuide.

Citing other sources


When statistics are cited, at least the following information must be given: author or responsible organization, date of publication, title or description of data, and publisher. In addition, the format of the data (e.g. web page, CD-ROM, database), date of citing and  URL or DOI  should be given.

In-text citation

Official Statistics of Finland 2017)

Reference list

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) 2017. Dwellings and housing conditions [e-publication]. ISSN=1798-6761. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 26.4.2018]. Available:

More information:


Press release

In-text citation

Prime minister Howard (2007) announced a plan …  

Reference list 

Office of the Prime Minister 2007, Welfare Payments Reform, [Press release], [Cited 2007-07-25]. Available:


Other sources of information

Finnish statistics can be searched on the Statistics Finland site, European statistics at Eurostat, and international statistics for example at the International tables of Statistics Finland. Press releases are available on companies' and research institutes' websites. Internet search engines also return links to these sites.