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Dissertations and ACTA Series: The LUT University Press instructions

The LUT University Press instructions

Send the finalized manuscript of the dissertation to the LUT University Press at least 23 calendar days before the public examination.

The LUT University Press adds the cover pages, scales the work into B5 size and prints a draft version of the dissertation. Check the draft and make necessary corrections to it (only small changes are possible at this stage anymore). Check also that the date and the place of the public examination are correct.

The library personnel checks the publication numbers, the ACTA Appendix and the formal issues, such as the layout.

The final (checked and finalized) version of the dissertation should be sent to the LUT University Press at least 15 calendar days before the public examination.

The maximum number of printed dissertations is 64 pieces and the schools are responsible for the printing costs.

  • 20-50 copies are printed for the public examination. The doctoral candidate can hand out these copies freely, since it is his/her responsibility to deliver the final work to the people or societies, who have for example funded the dissertation.
  • The Academic Library receives eight printed copies of the dissertation, out of which six are so called legal deposit copies and they will be sent to the National Library’s collection. The remaining two copies stay in the Academic Library archive and loan collection.
  • Six copies of the dissertation are delivered to the LUT Doctoral School, which:

                  o takes care of the public display of the dissertation at least 10 calendar days before the public examination

                  o delivers the rest of the copies to the opponent(s), preliminary examiners, supervisor(s) and the school’s office

The doctoral candidate may send the electronic version of the dissertation to the opponent(s), if he/she wishes them to receive the work as soon as possible.

If some minor mistakes (e.g. spelling, punctuation) are noticed after printing they can be listed with corrections in an errata-list. The LUT University Press prints the errata and the doctoral candidate is responsible for adding the errata to the printed dissertations. The LUT University Press also sends the errata to the library where it will be attached as a separate PDF file to the electronic version.

The LUT University Press will send the final PDF-version of the dissertation to the Academic Library, where it will be uploaded to the LUTPub. The dissertation will become public in the LUTPub 10 calendar days before the public examination.

The LUT University Press checklist

Please check the following points before sending your dissertation in PDF-format to the LUT University Press for printing. These are the most common problems, which we face in the press. The years of studying are finally culminating in the shape of a dissertation, but if you can still spare a minute to double check these technical issues, we can make sure that we reach the goal quicker and easier.

1. Page 1 (title page)

  • The date and the place of the public examination are correct. The official name of the university “Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT” should be used here.

2. Page 2 (back of the title page)

  • If there is more than one supervisor, reviewer or opponent, remember to use plural in the heading (Supervisors, Reviewers, Opponents).
  • The details of LUT personnel are written as follows:
    LUT School of Business and Management / Energy Systems / Engineering Science
    Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT
  • ISBN, ISBN (PDF), ISSN (Print) and ISSN (Online) numbers are correct.
  • Text underneath the numbers should be: ”Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT” and on the following line: ”LUT University Press” (check the year). DO NOT use Digipaino!

3. Page 3 (abstract)

  • The first line after the heading Abstract should include the name of the doctoral student, in
  • The following line should include the name of the dissertation in bold (written in the same
    format as on the title page).
  • Check the total number of pages mentioned in the abstract! The last page included in the
    total number is the last appendix page after the references (in article-based dissertations the
    page before the first publication).
  • ISBN, ISBN (PDF), ISSN (Print) and ISSN (Online) numbers are correct.

4. (Green) cover pages for publications in article-based dissertations

  • The headings of the publications are correct.
  • The permission to publish each publication has been mentioned (e.g. “Reprinted with permission from…”).
  • Remember to include the actual publications in the dissertation!

5. ACTA Appendix

  • The ACTA-Appendix must fit into two pages.
  • The appendix has no page number nor text ”Appendix”.

6. Other things to check

  • The page numbering is consecutive starting from the title page (page 1), but the numbers are visible only after the table of contents. Note that the pages will be printed double sided when choosing the location of the page number.
  • New main chapters and the other starting pages, such as Abstract, Acknowledgements, Contents, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. always start on the odd page (the right hand page).
  • All pages must be in portrait position, also in the publications.
  • The margins are the same on each page.
  • Pictures, tables and appendices must fit inside the same margins as the body text, also in the

If all the above issues have been checked, send your dissertation in one or several PDF-files into the LUT University Press ( In article-based dissertations remember to send the publications as well!