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Tourism and hospitality: Articles, journals & databases

How to find good search terms?

Mind map for search term internal communication

  • Think of alternative concepts and notions for your topic. Don't forget synonyms and acronyms. 
  • Check subject headings / keywords from the sources you've already located and use those as search terms
  • Check out guide to information retrieval for additional tips

Something missing?

Couldn't find the book or the article you were looking for? You can either suggest new material by filling in the acquisitions proposal form or leave an interlibrary loan request using this online interlibrary loan request form.

Licenced databases

Licensed databases are protected by paywalls and available only to authenticated users. The academic library subscribes to several databases that you can use. To gain access to the licensed material please remember to sign in via either Masto-Finna or Saimia Finna using you LAB University of Applied Sciences account. 


Masto-Finna Saimia Finna
EBSCO eBook Academic Collection EBSCO eBook Academic Collection
Ebook Central Ebook Central

NOTE! As a LAB student, both Masto-Finna and Saimia Finna databases are available to you.

Open Access

In addition to licenced databases, you can find reliable sources from Open Access databases. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's academic version. Via Google Scholar, you'll find both licensed and open access content. When an article is behind paywall, you can search for it through Masto-Finna or Saimia Finna international e-materials search to see if it is available via our subscription. 

Google Scholar Search