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Information retrieval and use

Information retrieval and research steps

Are you starting to work on a thesis or other research, which requires information searching?

There is often a lot of uncertainty and lack of knowledge when you start your project. This should not scare you because it is quite normal. 

This video shows you how it could go. Remember, you are not alone with your work. Your supervisor and the Library help you in different stages of your work.

Research process

Information search questions in different stages of the research process

  1. You recognize a gap in your knowledge and understanding about the issue. You ask: What is / What does this mean?
  2. You identify and select a topic to be investigated and compare different aspects of it. You ask: Is there a research gap here? How the selected topic is connected to a larger entity?
  3. You search information on the general topic or focus on general viewpoints to extend your knowledge. You ask: What kind of information do I need to widen my understanding about this matter?
  4. You form a focused perspective on the topic and create a detailed analysis of the issue. You ask:  What detailed information do I need?
  5. You interact with the applicable retrieved information when you write your paper. You ask: How do these information sources relate to each other? 
  6. You present a solution to your research problem. You ask: What information do I need to complete my document?