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LUTPub Publication Repository: New user registration

New user registration

LUTPub User Registration

Note! LUTPub publication repository was transferred from the Doria server to a new server at 18.6.2018. Do not try to register to Doria any more. Make sure you are on a correct server.

1. Go to LUTPub

Saving a publication or thesis to LUTPub requires a registration for the first time. Start by going to LUTPub from library main page (Quick Links → LUTPub) or here.

2. Click "Register"

Please start your registration by clicking the Register link as shown with the red arrow in the picture.

3. Add e-mail

Please give your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will be verified and used as your login username. Then you can continue by clicking the Register button.

4. Verification e-mail

After registration you get the verification by e-mail. Please click the link of the verification message and act as adviced.

5. Create a profile

Your next step is to create a profile for your LUTPub saving process. Please fill in your information. Your password must include at least six digits.

6. Done

You are now registered to use LUTPub. You can now continue by logging in to LUTPub.