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LUTPub Publication Repository: Submit your thesis to LUTPub

Submit your thesis to LUTPub

Saving master's thesis, bachelor's thesis or licentiate thesis to LUTPub

Your thesis will be published in LUTPub at the latest 3 working days after you have finished your saving process. You must have the publishing permission from the 1st examiner before saving the thesis. Save the thesis when it is totally ready. Once saved thesis cannot be changed or removed. Please make sure that your thesis is saved as one PDF-file before you start the saving process into LUTPub.

Note! If your submission does not include pdf-file and you do not agree your thesis to be published online, please take one printed and bound copy of your thesis to LUT Student services for assessment.

1. Go to LUTPub and Login

Go to LUTPub from library main page (Quick Links → LUTPub) or here. Change the language to English by choosing "in English" link from the top of the page. Log in from "Login" link in "My Account" part. It’s advisable to submit your thesis to LUTPub in one session without any interruptions.

Choose the login method: HAKA login.


2. Choose the correct collection

Please choose the right collection in the "LUTPub" community. The community depends on what type of thesis you are saving.

Please choose "Master’s theses" if you are saving master's thesis and "Bachelor's theses" for bachelor's thesis. Do not save your thesis to any other collection!

These instructions demonstrate how to submit a master’s thesis to LUTPub.

3. Save to the collection

When you have selected the correct collection, select "Submit a new item to this collection".

4. Describe the thesis

The next phase is to describe yor thesis. Please fill every field carefully. The phases of the saving process are shown at the top of the page.

Note! Put each keyword in its own field. Choose the LUT strategic focus area of your thesis. If your work is related to several of them, please press Ctrl-button down and select the correct ones. Some of the fields are mandatory and marked with an asterisk (*).

5. Embargo (Note! For confidential theses only)

At the end of the item description page there is a special embargo field. An embargo is a temporary access restriction placed on content. If your master’s thesis is confidential and has got a temporary accession restriction, please give the ending date of the restriction. The possible accession restriction period starts on the grading day of your thesis. The thesis can be confidential only if it has a separate confidentiality report.

If there is no restriction period or confidentiality, leave the field empty.

6. Upload the file

Upload your thesis as a single pdf-file by pressing "Browse" and selecting the file from your computer.

Note! In the filename do not use a dot or special characters (~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ` ; < > ? , [ ] { } ' " | ). Also avoid letters "ä", "ö", "å", "ü" etc. if possible. Name your file as follows: "type_lastname_firstname.pdf". Eg. mastersthesis_example_eric.pdf.

Your thesis must be complete (printing permission from the supervisor), because after saving your thesis it is not possible to change it. Then continue by pressing "Next".

7. Check and review

Please review your submission information carefully. On this page it is still possible to correct any of the fields by pressing "Correct one of these". After checking click the "Complete submission" button at the end of the page.

8. Grant the licence

Your next step is to grant the distribution license. Otherwise you can’t continue with the LUTPub saving process. Check the "I grant the Licence" and complete the saving process by pressing "Complete submission".

9. Done

Your thesis saving process is now complete and it will go through the review process by library staff. You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as your thesis is downloaded into the collection or if there are any problems with your saving process. You may also check the status of your thesis by visiting "Submissions" page.