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Saving theses to LUTPub

Monitor your student email

Your thesis will be published in LUTPub at the latest three (3) working days after you have finished your saving process. The library makes a publication review and updates the description information to LUTPub if necessary. After completing the thesis submission, please follow your student email. We'll contact you if we need to.

Our contact information

If you have anything to ask concerning your thesis submission, please contact us:

Publication icon in LUTPub

Immediately after the publication of your thesis, a red icon with the text pdf appears in LUTPub. This icon is automatically replaced, after a delay, by an image of the title page of the pdf file of your thesis.

Error(s) found after publication of the thesis is corrected with an Errata file

Once the thesis has been published in LUTPub, the file cannot be replaced with a different version, and you may not make a new saving to LUTPub. If an error is found in the content of the thesis after publication in LUTPub, error(s) correction is made by creating an Errata document. The Errata file is sent to the library by e-mail lutpub(at) and in the library it will be attached by your thesis in LUTPub.

  1. Write the Errata to Word-template and save it in PDF/A format.
  2. Please send the Errata file to your thesis 1st examiner to obtain his/hers approval for it.
  3. Once you have received an approval acknowledgement from the 1st examiner, send the approval email to lutpub(at) Include the URN address of your thesis to message and attach the Errata-pdf/a to it.
  4. At the library the Errata file is added to LUTPub alongside of your thesis.