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LUT Academic Library Lappeenranta: Facilities: Self-service use

The library's self-service use

LUT Academic Library's facilities are available for self-service use outside customer service times. 

Customers have access to the library during campus opening times. LAB and LUT students and staff can access the library during the evenings and weekends with their access key (LUT & LAB). Customer's using the library outside customer service times agree to follow the library's terms and conditions of use. 

Self-service use etiquette

1. The LUT Academic Library Lappeenranta facilities are open to LUT and LAB students and staff when the campus is open. Self-service use of the library may be restricted during public holiday and midsummer. Possible restrictions to self-service times can be found on the library's website and at the service desk, as well as at the library entrances. 

2.  Access the library outside the campus opening times is with the access key (LUT & LAB). The customer is responsible for other people they let in the library outside library's opening hours. When asked by the guard or library staff, the student must prove their identity and student rights. The guard has the right to remove a person from the buildings who cannot prove his identity if asked. Guards conduct random id checks outside the campus opening times. 

3. The library's group study spaces are also bookable during the evenings and weekend excluding periods when self-service use is not available. 

4. The library is a joint workspace so please take others into consideration while working there.  

  • Follow the sound zone guidelines, avoid loud and disturbing behaviour especially in the quiet and silent study areas. 
  • Leave workstations tidy and clean. 
  • Follow the library's terms and conditions of use and other instructions. 

5. There is recording surveillance at the library. Misuse of premises or equipment will result in a ban from the library premises.

In case of an emergency, call 029 44 62669. University's porters are on call weekdays from 8 - 16, other times you will be provided with information on security's or property maintenance's phone numbers. 

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