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LAB Vinkkejä opinnäytetyön ohjaajille: Theseus, general

Web accessibility

Web accessibility means that online services are as easy as possible to use also for disabled persons. When publishing Thesis it is important to pay attention to accessibility of Thesis file.

Read more:

About web accessibility

Tutorials about document accessibility

Directive (EU) 2016/2102 (the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies)

Act on The Provision of Digital Services (version in English not available)

Thesis to Theseus - common issues

Thesis file needs to follow given guidelines and the final, approved version can be submitted to Theseus after it has been revised by instructor(s). Student and Thesis' instructor(s) are responsible for that Thesis file submitted to Theseus is done by given guidelines (both layout and contents) and that pdf also fulfils web accessibility requirements.


Correct file format for Thesis is pdf.

  • Only one pdf file can be submitted to Theseus.
    • All possible guides etc. are included to this one pdf as appendices.
    • Maximum size of pdf is 512 MB.
  • It is possible also submit one mp3 voice file or mp4 video file to Theseus.


Layout and content issues that needs to be checked are listed to next tab.


Questions? Email us

When having questions, contact us by email

Thesis instructions in LAB

Instructions for Bachelor's thesis are available in LAB intra. Instructions for Master's thesis are also available in LAB intra.

(For students instructions exist in eLAB.)