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LAB Vinkkejä opinnäytetyön ohjaajille: Theseus – instructor's check list

Thesis' supervisor - check these carefully

Student is allowed to submit only the final and approved version to Theseus! Please note, that it takes a few working days for the library to publish Thesis, especially in the end of semesters when there are many graduating students.

Pdf submitted to Theseus needs to be accessible and in format pdf/a. In Theseus is page with instructions for accessibility issues and how to save pdf as pdf/a.


Pay attention to these issues before allowing submission to Theseus:

  • Title page match for given template: layout and contents are accurate.
  • Thesis written in English has abstract. Finnish written thesis also has abstract in Finnish (tiivistelmä).
  • Numbering of chapters and pages continues faultlessly and there is no bookmark errors in table of contents.
  • Source references exists - also for pictures, charts and tables.
  • List of references is made according to Harvard system (name/year reference) and references are in alphabetical order.
  • In the end of pdf and in table of contents is title APPENDICES only when Thesis has one or more appendices.
    • Appendices have titles Appendix 1, Appendix 2 etc. and numbering continues faultlessly.
    • Table of contents corresponds with existing of appendices.
  • Name of UAS is correct in title page and in abstract: LAB University of Applied Sciences. Also logo used is LAB's.
  • There are no empty pages in the pdf: not in the middle nor the last page.
  • Name of Thesis is same in title page and in abstract.
  • Document Thesis guidebook Bachelor's degree includes instructions in chapter 4.3 for matters to be kept secret.
    • No part of pdf published may be covered at all or left empty. Pdf must be so called clear version of Thesis.
  • Student number(s) nor private contact information of student exists in the pdf.
    • Student email address may exist in appendices.


Publishing Thesis

The thesis is a part of a higher education degree that must be open to assessment. Approved theses are public, based on Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999). Publishing thesis reports guarantees their objective and fair assessment.

LAB publishes theses in open repository Theseus. If not published in Theseus, thesis must be sent to LAB archive. In this case bibliographic description will be saved into database of LUT Academic Library. This information is publicly available. More information can be asked by email