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eLIB - Library Mobile Application

My Primo Account

eLIB's My Primo Account gives you a quick view of your current loans, if they are due soon or if they are already overdue. My Primo Account also tells you if your reservations are ready for pick up or if you have accrued fines or fees that need paying.

Touching the My Primo Account tile takes you to your own account in Primo, where you can renew your loans, check and cancel reservations, and pay fines and fees.

Screenshot from eLib Mobile Library application

Library card

Touch Library Card -tile to open your digital library card. You can use the digital card in the same way as a physical card to borrow material from the self-checkout machines. 

If the self-check machine has trouble reading your digital library card, please try adjusting the brightness of your mobile device or zooming in on the barcode to make it bigger. 

Primo search

The Primo search opens in your mobile device's web browser, so you will need to log in to Primo separately to access the e-materials and databases.