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LUTPub Publication Repository: BSc and MSc theses checklist

Pay attention to these before submitting your BSc or MSc thesis to LUTPub

The LUT Academic Library makes a publication review to the thesis you save in LUTPub within three working days. If necessary, we ask you to make modifications to your thesis and advice you how to replace your existing submission with a new pdf. Our possible contact will come to your LUT student email address.

This page contains things that we hope you check before you save your thesis to LUTPub.
NOTE! If you are not an international student, please see check list from page written in Finnish.

1. Make a submission only after you have received the permission for publication from the 1st examiner of your thesis.

2. The thesis must be fully completed in all respects before submitting it to LUTPub.

  • The name of the university is correct on the title page and in the abstract: Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT. In the LUT thesis template the name is right.
  • The title of the thesis is the same on the title page and in the abstract.
  • Paragraph and page numbering in the table of contents proceed without interruptions.
  • Page numbering is visible in pdf.
  • Citations (source references) are marked - also in figures, images, graphs and tables (ImagOA guide of Aalto University, Copyrights)
    • You follow the same citation style throughout the thesis.
  • Referencing follows the style of the thesis guidelines.
    • Citations in the Harvard style reference list are in alphabetical order.
  • The appendix page/appendices pages is/are at the end of the thesis only when the thesis includes attachment(s).
    • Appendices have headings Appendix 1, Appendix 2, etc., and numbering proceeds without gaps.
    • Page numbering of attachments follows the instructions of the thesis template.
    • Table of contents corresponds to any attachments or lack of them.
    • The thesis is a public document by law (Act on the Openness of Government Activities): the version to be published in LUTPub may not mention any attachments that cannot be found in the pdf, i.e. no appendix may be marked as secret, remaining only available to the commissioner, etc.
  • For your own data privacy, the thesis may not contain your student number or any personal contact information, and there should not be a signature on the optional Acknowledgements page.

3. Make an accessible pdf of your thesis, pdf/a is the suggested format, and check the file well before submitting it to LUTPub.

  • Check carefully the pdf. Sometimes save as pdf puts the layouts in disorder or empty pages appear. Check also that page numbering stays visible.
  • Only pdf files are published in LUTPub.

Tip: let a friend read through your thesis pdf before you submit it to LUTPub. He/she might spot something you don't notice.

NOTE! If you submit a wrong version of your thesis to LUTPub, please email us at without delay.


Instructions and thesis templates:

You can find instruction links about thesis on eLUT's websites:


All BSc and MSc thesis projects that start after 11 August 2021 follow the positioning and guidance of LUT thesis template. Both Word and LaTeX writing templates are available. The templates are updated when needed. The latest version can be found on eLUT - always get the template there.