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Primo in English: FAQ


Electronic materials

How do I access database?

You can access databases by logging into LUT Primo or LAB Primo with university ID (Haka login). Once you've logged in, select the Database search from the top menu and write the name of the database you are searching for into the search box. Click on the 'Available online' -link and continue to the database. Please note that if try to access databases through the database websites or via Google, you won't be recognized as a LUT or LAB student/staff  and will not have access to full-text articles. Always access databases via your own institutions Primo search service.

I cannot find an e-book I've used previously, please help. 

There can be several reasons for this. LUT Primo and LAB Primo have different electronic materials, so please make sure you are in your own institutions Primo. Refine your search results from the menu on the right, select  Available online from Availability and Books from the Resource Type. Occasionally publisher decide that they will no longer offer the book electronically. It could also be that the library has cancelled their subscription to the particular service.  If you cannot find the e-book, please contact the library at

Why can't I find the full-text version of an article? 

Check that you are signed into your own institutions Primo with your university ID (Haka login). LUT Primo and LAB Primo have different electronic materials. Articles found through Primo should be available in full text, unless you have selected "Expand My Results" from the Tweak your results. Selecting "Expand My Results" will include references and abstracts into the search results. 
There should be a Download PDF or Available Online -link on the search result page. The Available Online link takes to the article record, there in the  View Online - Full Text Availability should be a link to the databases where the article is available. If there are several database options available, please try all of them. If there is no link to a database or the links do not work please contact the library at and we will look into it.  


How do I renew my loans? 

To renew your loans sign in to Primo from the top right corner, select My Loans from the dropdown menu and click on Screen grab of renewal button from Primo search servicebutton next to to loan title to renew your loans. The new due date will be 14 or 28 days from the date of renewal. Loans that have been requested by other patrons or that have been on loan for the maximum period cannot be renewed.  

How do I make a request? 

You can make requests online via Primo search service. Search for the book you want to request, click on the Available at -link which will take you the book details. You will find the request button in the Get it - section of the book. Select a pickup location for your request and click on Send request. You'll will receive an email notification once the request is ready to be picked-up.

Can I request books from the other library location? 

Yes, you can. Make the request online via Primo search service. Please note that books are posted from Lappeenranta to Lahti and from Lahti to Lappeenranta twice a week so it will take a few days for the request to be available for pick-up.  All requests are free of charge. 

How do I change the language in Primo? 

You can change the language from the top right corner Menu | Valikko drop down menu,  click on Display language | Kieli and select the language you want to use. Primo search service is available in English and in Finnish. Please do not use the translation functionality available in internet browsers, as they result in inaccurate information. 

Is it possible to get an online library card? 
A digital library card is available in the Ex Libris Library Mobile application. Download the app from the Play Store or AppStore. More information about setup and features of application in eLIB guide.

Contact us

If you need help with Primo please ask 

Library is here to help

​At an information retrieval guidance you will receive personal assistance with information seeking, help in finding and using the databases most relevant to your study subject and help with referencing. The duration of the session is approx. 30 minutes.

Book a tailored guidance session by using the online form.

Before the appointment, please look at the self-study materials found in these guides and do a few searches in Primo. Also think of a few possible search terms relating to your subject.