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Standards and patents: Standards

LUT Academic Library

Standard databases



LUT Academic Library has acquired access to SFS Online (Finnish Standards Association SFS). You can do searches and read SFS-standards in this service. All materials are protected by copyright law. Commercial use of these materials is prohibited.

You can use this service from LUT Primo and LAB Primo.


The students and walk-in users can browse and make a search in this service. Walk-in users are not allowed to print or save electronically any materials.

Read more the user rights of SFS Online on FinELib and Copyright-LibGuide.

The students can cite standards. Source references must be mentioned by name.

All standards in PDF-format are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Managements). DRM protection doesn't necessarily work on all mobile devices and tablets.

Accessing DRM protected files requires installing the FileOpen PDF plug-in on your computer. More information on

SFS recommends that you use Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers and Adobe Reader opening PDF-formats files.

You can exit the Online service via your information in the top right. Click the option to "Log Out".


LUT Academic Library has acquired access to PSK Standards Association (PSK Standardisation). All materials are protected by copyright law. Commercial use of these materials is prohibited.

The aim of PSK is to serve process industry as well as connected commercial enterprises of the branch by means of compiling standards that are required for the investments and maintenance of industrial mills and plants. (PSK)

Search instructions

From director of the standards you can search by browser menu, select "Edit / Find".
You can also search by symbol of the standard or the character combination in it's name.

For instance: PSK 2701, 2701 or corroo

IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) publishes 30% of all technical materials covering electrical engineering, electronics and IT fields. IEEE has published over 800 industry standards.

Only LUT University has access to IEEE services.

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