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AI in information retrieval

Help with grammar and translation

AI tools can be used to improve grammar, and for translation. If you use these tools in your studies, always discuss their suitability for your course with your teacher and follow their advice. 

When using these tools, remember that the responsibility for the text always lies with the author, even if the proofreading or translation is done by machine, so always check the final result for errors!


MOT Dictionaries (LAB) | MOT Dictionaries (LUT)

  • a high-quality dictionary collection for dozens of different languages
  • specialized dictionaries in the fields of medicine, technology, commerce, economics and law
  • fast and secure translations
  • proofreading language check

Google Translate

You can also translate web pages or articles with Google Translate. Do not upload your own texts that contain personal information, sensitive material or company secrets.


You can enter the website address into Google Translate and Google will open the page translated.

Article translation 
If the article is in PDF format, you can upload the article to Google Translate and get it translated.

NOTE! Be careful, the machine translation may have strange structures and errors