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Missing the Information Literacy Test?

Online test for information literacy. Link to the Reppu course is here.

Completion and credit

Your Information Literacy credit will show under Professional Communication within appr. one week after passing the test.

You will find your credit in My Studies > Completions, then click Show Parts.

Information literacy online test

Information Literacy

Learning outcomes

Student is able to:
- recognize the importance of information management in inquiry-based learning
- access the needed information exploring effective strategies and tools
- evaluate information sources critically
- use information ethically and abide by the copyright and licences
- identify and engage in scholarly and professional conversation to produce and distribute information

Grading criteria

Gaining a pass in the Reppu-course test.


Information skills provide tools to recognizing information sources and mastering information seeking principles. These skills also provide a basis to using publications and services that are necessary for every student, and in assessing information and acknowledging the ethical principles in the use of information.

The main topics of the course include: source criticism and ethical use of information, principles of information seeking, the Masto-Finna Online Catalogue, digital resources, Open Access -publications, copyright issues and licences.

- Information literacy lesson with guidance in information seeking and evaluation
- Information literacy self-study materials
- Information literacy test in Reppu
- Further guidance is available at the information skills clinic


- Self study material:
- Information literacy test with instructions in Reppu

Prequisite skills

Basic ICT skills, familiarity with Reppu and other learning environments used in Lahti UAS.

Grading (pass/fail)

Gaining a pass in the information literacy test.

Library is here to help

​At an information retrieval guidance you will receive personal assistance with information seeking, help in finding and using the databases most relevant to your study subject and help with referencing. The duration of the session is approx. 30 minutes.

Book a tailored guidance session by using the online form.

Before the appointment, please look at the self-study materials found in these guides and do a few searches in Finna. Also think of a few possible search terms relating to your subject. 

How to prepare for the information skills exam`?

Practice the use of electronic resources in your own field and read the material in the guide to information retrieval. 

Study information skills with the help of self-study material: