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LAB - Information Retrieval Toolkit

Add library links

By adding LAB University of Applied Sciences to library links in Google Scholar, you'll get links to full text via LAB Primo. 

  • Click the menu -button from the upper left hand side corner of the page and choose Settings
  • Click Library links
  • Search LAB University of Applied Sciences
  • Select LAB University of Applied Science - Fulltext - LAB UAS and click Save

The menus when adding the library links

Reading the articles

In Google Scholar, the full text articles are listed next to search results on the right. Sometimes you might be able to open the full text from the search result as well, but there are times when the search result page requires you to pay for the article while the link on the right will open a version of the article for free. 

Image showing the situation where the actual results link is paywalled, but the right hand side link is opening a version of the paper.

If you've added library links to LAB UAS to your Google Scholar, the Full text links to Primo will also be on the right hand side of the search result page. However, sometimes the link is formed even though LAB Primo does not contain the article, or the link is not there even though the article is available in Primo, so it's a good idea to check the Primo as well.