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Copyright: Dissertations


A doctoral dissertation is a thesis required for the doctoral degree. The dissertation will be published, and it must be defended in public in the public examination of the doctoral dissertation.

A doctoral dissertation may be independent research published as a monograph or an article-based dissertation, which includes several scientific publications or manuscripts approved for publication and a summary of them.


LUT University dissertations are published in ACTA Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis series in printed form and also in electronic form in LUTPub Publication Repository. Parallel publishing in LUTPub Publication Repository is recommended also if the dissertation is published in a series of another organization. After the material has been accepted for publication, the sole copyright of the material is transferred to LUT University. A publication agreement is made with the author.

Author's liabilities

The author shall assure that the work is made by him/her and that he/she also possesses the rights referred to in this agreement to figures, tables, charts, maps and other copyrighted elements related to the work. When asking for a permission to use copyrighted elements in a dissertation, the author must also ask a permission to use them in an electronic form dissertation.

The author transferring his/her rights is solely responsible for possible disputes ensuing from the work and shall assure that he/she has informed the university of matters that may affect the university's legal position as the transferee.

Article dissertations

If the publication contains parts that have already been published elsewhere, for example articles, it is the author's responsibility to clarify the copyright of those parts. The publishers will usually grant a permission to include articles to the printed form dissertation. In an electronic form dissertation there might be different agreements. If the publisher does not allow to include articles to the electronic form dissertation, the articles will be left out from the electronic form dissertation.

To publish the dissertation or the articles included in it later in other repositories, the author has to ask for permissions from the publishers. When publishing in social media it is recommended to link the document to the original dissertation in LUTPub Publication Repository.