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Copyright: Research data

LUT Research Data Policy

The research data produced at LUT University is, as a rule, open and available for shared use. However, in certain cases there are grounds to restrict access to research data.

Person responsible for research project is also responsible to take care of research data copyright issues.

Reseach data and copyright

Research data are not automatically protected by copyright. Research data may contain both sections which are protected by copyright and sections which are unprotected. It depends on the data; if it is sufficiently independent and original it will have copyright. It is also possible that part of research data is protected by copyright, for example poems, photographs, drawings, computer programs etc. In addition, it is possible that research data is protected by related rights.

In the beginning of the research, researchers should always come to an agreement amongst themselves on the use and archiving of the data. If the data to be used in a research project include data produced by other than the researchers themselves the rights of use of the data should be agreed on with original data creators.

It is also good practice to agree about licensing the data in the beginning of research projects. More information about licenses can be found at Creative Commons pages. The authorship of research data should always be agreed on.                                                               

In using archived research data, you should always refer to the original researcher according to the same principles as referring to publications. The right to be acknowledged as creator is a significant copyright issue which is also a part of the researcher’s merit. In addition to publishing, researchers can also get credit of their research data.