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Research Data Management Services for LUT: Home


CSC Scientist's User Interface SUI
New project and applying IDA storage space

Fairdata services:

IDA Storage service and its detailed instructions

Etsin Research data finder

AVAA Open data publishing platform

Qvain Tool for describing datasets (in use at the end of 2018)

FSD Data deposit service

Aila Data search and download service

EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure, Data management, access, re-use, preservation and analysis service

Zenodo Research data repository

eDuuni Collaboration service environment

Cloud Guide (Pilvipalveluohje) by Finnish universities

DMPTuuli Tool for data management plans

LUT Open Science Instructions

LibGuide to Open Science

Research Data Management Services recommended by LUT

LUT recommends the use of research management services provided by CSC - IT Centre for Science. If there are commonly used repositories in your own research field, use them.

This guide contains simplified instructions for starting the use of the services and links to services that are supported by LUT.

1. PLAN how to manage your data making a data management plan.

  • Tool and a template for creating the plan: DMPTuuli

2. STORE your research data (choose a, b, c or d)

  • a. Are there commonly used repositories in your research field that you could use? Use that, if possible.

  • b. If you have quantitative data, select freely from CSC’s IDA service, ZENODO, or B2SHARE by EUDAT

  • c. If you have qualitative data and your data that needs anonymization: use the FSD Archive

  • d. If you have small datasets: store them to LUTPub

3. OPEN your data (choose based on the previous selection)

  • a. If you use some of the field specific repository, find out how the data can be opened there.

  • b. If data is stored to IDA, you can open it for your project members or to the world.

  • c. If data is stored to ZENODO, open it because it is intended to be open. 

  • d. If data is stored to B2SHARE you can open it straight from there to the world.

  • e. If your data is in LUTPub it is already open there.

NOTE: Storing your data doesn’t mean opening the data!

On the left is the collection of links to the services or a detailed user guides provided by a different third parties. See also the Cloud Guide (Pilvipalveluohje) provided by several Finnish universities.

Below is a picture of the example services which are recommended by LUT.

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