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LUT Vinkkejä opinnäytetyön ohjaajille: LUTPub – supervisor's check list

Thesis' supervisor - check these carefully

Allow student make submission to LUTPub only for final version of his/her Thesis: pdf file needs to be completely finished! Please note, that replacement of published Thesis will be done only by request from supervisor and strong argument is needed for it. Also note, that library has three working days time to publish Thesis.

LUT Thesis template for Bachelor's and Master's theses is introduced on 11.8.2021. All theses after that deploy this template.
Up-to-date version of template (Word and LaTeX) is available in eLUT pages: for Bachelor's theses / for Master's theses.

Pay attention to these issues before allowing submission to LUTPub:

  • Thesis follows guidelines of general instructions available in eLUT-portal at pages and, and degree programme's own instructions.
  • Name of University is correct in title page and in abstract: Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT (Lappeenrannan-Lahden teknillinen yliopisto LUT).
  • Name of Thesis is same in title page and in abstract.
  • There is correct amount of abstracts written in correct languages.
    • If the language of student's basic education is Finnish, there are two abstracts: one in English and one in Finnish (tiivistelmä).
    • Students who have not received their basic education in Finnish or Swedish write their abstract only
      in English.
  • Numbering of chapters and pages continues faultlessly and there is no bookmark errors in table of contents. There is page numbers in pdf.
  • Source references exists - also for pictures, charts and tables.
  • List of references follows style of given Thesis' instructions.
  • In the end of pdf and in table of contents is title APPENDICES only when Thesis has one or more appendices.
    • Appendices have titles Appendix 1, Appendix 2 etc. and numbering continues faultlessly.
    • Table of contents corresponds with existing of appendices.
  • Possible confidential material is left as background material for the thesis (not public). Anything in pdf to be published in LUTPub may not be covered at all or left empty.
  • Student number(s) nor private contact information of student exists in the pdf.

Instructions for Thesis in eLUT student portal

Student portal eLUT contains Thesis' instructions, among others.: