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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can return the books to either LUT Academic Library, it doesn't matter where you borrowed it from. Just double-check it's from our collection, not the city library's.
Yes, you can return books by post. Please note that you are responsible for the loans until they have been returned to the library so if the post is delayed or loses the books you will have to pay overdue fines or replacement costs. Check the library's addresses from our website.
Yes, we do.
In Lahti the returns box is on the outside wall, on the right from the LAB main entrance.
In Lappeenranta the returns box is outside and there is also a returns hatch inside the campus. The returns box is located next to the entrance to the group work space on the library's 2nd floor. The returns hatch is located next to the library's main entrance in the lobby.

Fines & fees

You can pay overdue fines online via the Primo search service. Sign in and go to My profile and you'll see the fines and fees tab there.
Yes, you will have to pay an overdue fine. The fine will start accumulating immediately after the due date. The overdue fine can go up to 10 euros per loan.
Yes, you will have to pay overdue fines if the loans are not renewed due to a technical fault or a planned service break. Undelivered e-mail or other electronic notices of impending due dates are also considered technical malfunctions, i.e. fines are charges even if the notices remain undelivered. If there is a technical fault, you can contact the library at and ask for the loans to be renewed.
If a book is 28 days overdue, the collection of the book will be transferred to a debt collection agency. The replacement fee for a lost or damaged book is at least 50€. In addition to the book replacement cost, the customer has to pay the accrued late fees and the costs of the collection agency. You do not have to pay the replacement fee if the book is returned to the library. However, late fees and collection costs must still be paid. Before transferring the unreturned items to the debt collection agency, the library sends a reminder letter (2nd return request) warning the customer about the loss their borrowing rights, and a 3rd return request notifying that the unreturned items will be transferred to the collection agency. Please see the library's price list for the late fees charges.