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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic materials: books, journals & databases

LUT Academic Library's electronic materials are available for LUT and/or LAB staff and students depending on the license terms of the material. You can access the e-materials through organization-specific Primo search service views: LUT Primo for LUT University and LAB Primo for LAB University of Applied Sciences.

External customers can access the LUT Academic Library's electronic materials on walk-in machine at the library during our service hours.
LUT and LAB students and staff can use most electronic materials remotely. Sign in to your own organization's Primo search service with your university ID and search for the material you want to use. Primo will provide a link to access the materials remotely.
There can be several reasons for not being able to access electronic resources.

Check that you are searching for the materials using your own institutions Primo search service (LUT Primo or LAB Primo). Make sure you are signed in with your university ID, otherwise you won't be able to access to the e-materials.

Can you access other e-materials? If not, there is probably something wrong with your user ID. Please email us at so we can look into it. If you can access other materials, there might be a problem with the service provider, you can alert us of broken links via speech bubble with the exclamation mark in Primo.

Other tips:
  • Check that there isn't an issue with your network.
  • Try using a different web browsers or the browser's private/incognito mode.
  • If you're using VPN, try disabling it.

For other possible solutions please see the the E-book guide. If the problem persist, please contact us
Make sure that you are logged in with your university ID to your own organizations Primo: LUT Primo or LAB Primo. Articles found through Primo should be available in full-text format by default, unless you've selected "Expand my search results" from the search filters, in which case just references will also be included in the search results. If the article should be available as full-text, and the article does not open from the Download PDF link in the search results, or from the links listed in the View Online section in article details page, please contact the library. Unfortunately there are also some article references in Primo that the service providers have incorrectly marked as full-text, which is why they are included in the search results.