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eBooks: Having problems with e-resources?

LUT Academic Library's eBooks

Contact information

LUT Academic Library Lappeenranta:

Tel. +358 50 410 4652

LUT Academic Library Lahti:

Tel. +358 50345 9101

General instructions for hardware issues

1) Try another web browser.
2) Check your network status and if needed, restart the connection.
3) Restart your device.

Problems with access via LUT Finna or Saimia Finna

1) Are you a member of LUT or LAB? You need to have a user account to LUT or LAB before you can access e-resources. If you have a user account and it does not work, contact Origo Service Desk.
2) Did you log in to LUT Finna, Saimia Finna or Masto-Finna? You have to log in to your own organization´s Finna search services.
3) Can you access other e-resources, e.g. other e-books of the same service provider, e-books of other services, or e-journals? If not, your user account might face some technical difficulties: contact Origo Service Desk.
4) Are you using VPN? VPN interferes Haka-login that is used in Finna, so disconnect VPN.

E-resources not functioning?

If an e-book link in LUT Finna, Saimia Finna or Masto-Finna is not functioning, please notify us by filling in a Finna feedback form or by e-mail

Check if a solution for the problem could be found in the service provider's own Help section.

If you cannot download an e-book into a reader programme, check the reader's instructions and the following issues:

Do you have the right reader software? For example, Adobe Reader is not valid, if Adobe Digital Editions is required.
Have you downloaded and installed the reader programme on your device?
Have you authorised the device?      
Have you created your own user account to the e-book service and logged in?
Is it even possible to download the book into a reader programme?  
If an e-book does not open in a browser when it should be possible (notice, that some e-books have only one concurrent user at a time), please notify us by filling in a Finna feedback form or by e-mail

Describing the problem

You can inform the library about the problem by filling Finna feedback form or e-mailing to

In your message, please, give the following information that it is easier to track the problem:
1) Did the problem occur at the campus or outside the campus?
2) If the problem occurred at the campus, did you use fixed or wireless connection? If wireless connection, university's or some other network?
3) What type of an error message is encountered (word for word, if possible, or even with a screenshot) and at what stage of the process?
4) Which book, journal or article does the problem refer to? If possible, please attach a direct link to the material.
5) Which Internet browser were you using when the problem occurred?