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LUT guide to publishing: LUT Publication Series


LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications Series

In schools: school's secretaries

ACTA Series (for dissertations)


LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications Series

The series includes three subseries according to the contents of the publications. Each subseries has a different ISSN number. ISSN-L number indicates that the series has also other publishing formats in addition to the printed form.

LUT units can use the series for publications, which are not published in scientific publishing channels e.g. in scientific journals. Publications can be specified by the name of the university unit and by other qualifiers. LUT Academic Library is responsible for the series in cooperation with the LUT schools and the University Press.

LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications - Research Reports

ISSN-L 2243-3376, ISSN 2243-3376

LUT School of …

Other unit information

LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications - Reports

ISSN-L 2243-3384, ISSN 2243-3384

LUT School of …

Other unit information

LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications - Lecture Notes

ISSN-L 2243-3392, ISSN 2243-3392

LUT School of …

Other unit information

Publications made in Russia cooperation or which concern Russia issues are defined by notice: LUT Russia-related Studies.

Form of publication

The main publishing form is electronic publishing in the LUTPub. A printed form is also possible if needed. The collection in LUTPub is called Professional and popularised publications.

Approval to the series

University units decide themselves, which publications are published in Scientific and Expertise Publications and the numbers of issues to be printed. The director of the unit or initiated professors are responsible for the content quality of the publications. The secretaries of schools and the Academic Library can help in publishing practices.

University units take care of the printing process with the University Press. The publishing unit is responsible for the costs. For the time being, the internal costs are not charged.

Publishing process

The author edits the publication for the final form with cover and back pages and correct ISBN, ISSN and series information. The cover page templates are found in this guide.

The publication numbers are ordered using the Webropol form. The library staff sends the requested ISBN, ISSN-L and ISSN identifiers and the volume number depending the form of publication and the subseries.

Finally the author uploads the final publication and the metadata to LUTPub collection "Professional and popularised publications". The library staff checks the information, gives the persistent identifier (URN identifier) and accepts the publication to the collection.


LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications subseries have an equal layout.

There are different cover pages for each subseries (Research Reports, Reports and Lecture Notes). Special cover pages are approved also e.g. according to the project in which the publication is made. They must include the same information as the normal cover pages (publication numbers, unit and organization details and the name of the series).

In size A4 the recommended margins are 3 cm both on the top and at the bottom of the page and 2,5 cm on both sides of the page.

Title page

On the top of the page: the university's name and unit information (the same as on the cover page) and the series name and serial number (ISSN)

In the middle of the page: the author's name(s) and the name of the publication

At the bottom of the page: university name and unit with contact information, ISBN numbers of both electronic publication and printed publication (if available), ISSN and ISSN-L numbers of the series, place and year of printing


The abstract must be both in English and in Finnish if possible. Finnish and English keywords are placed after the abstract.

Back cover

ISBN numbers of both the electronic publication and printed publication if available

ISSN and ISSN-L numbers of the series

Place and year of printing

Distribution and selling

Electronic publication

The primary form of publication is electronic. The author(s) or someone in the LUT unit adds the final publication to the LUTPub repository. See the guide for uploading.

The publication will be openly available after validation the file and metadata by library staff. The publication will have a persistent identifier (URN identifier) which can be utilized when distributing the publication.

Printed publication

The authors and/or the publishing unit take(s) care of the delivery and selling of their publications. The Academic Library needs six statutory free copies and three items for library collections and university archive, nine items in total. LUT University Press delivers these items to the library. If printed elsewhere, the printing press delivers the free copies to the National Library and the author(s) take the library items to the LUT Academic Library.

If the publishing university unit desires to sell printed publications they can do it e.g. through the LUTShop webstore.