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Welcome to the LUT Research Portal Guide!

Guidance of how to

Add a new publication information (Research Output) Update and edit your personal profile and CV
Add a new project application Save a new mobility period

General information video

Please see first the Basic Principles and see the quick guide below!

Quick Guide

Login to portal

Login to the portal from the header of the main page ( or using the "Login for LUT users" link. Use your LUT user account.

Check your publications in the system

  1. Log in to the portal.
  2. Go to the Research Outputs menu on the left column.
  3. List shows all the publications that you are related to. You, your colleaque in LUT or library staff may added the publication information to the system.
  4. Only one entry of each publication should be in the system. The system will inform you if there may be an existing duplicate in the system based on the title. You can claim the publication to be related to your profile as well.

Add a new publication information (Instruction video):

  1. Click the Add new button on the top right corner and select Research Output under the Research Outputs menu
  2. Add publication information manually or import from external source (Scopus, Web of Science...)
  3. If you choose to add the details manually, select the publication type from the menu.
  4. Fill at least the mandatory information in a correct form. Mandatory fields are marked with asterisk (*). Note that there are two tabs (Key information and Thematic classification).
  5. Do not add several entries of the same publication. The system will inform you if there may be an existing duplicate in the system based on the title. You can claim the publication to be related to your profile as well.
  6. Click Save to save and calculate number of authors field.
  7. When ready, click Save and Close button to select the correct status. If you want to send the details to the library validation, select "For validation by library" status.

Add new link

Publication statuses used in the LUT Research Portal

  • Non-validated: A draft entry. You are able to modify a publication information. Not visible in public.
  • For validation by library: Sent to the library validators to be checked. Mandatory information is present. You are not able to modify publication details. Visible in the public portal.
  • Validated: Library has checked the publication details, found the original publication and it is ready for reporting purposes (e.g. ministry reporting and publication bonus reporting).

If the status is Publicly Visible publication will be shown in the public portal (

  1. Click Add newProject Application add information of a new project application.
  2. Select the desired project application type from the options.
  3. Fill at least the mandatory information in a correct form. Mandatory fields are marked with asterisk (*).
  4. Note that there are several tabs with mandatory fields.
  5. When ready, click Save and close and select the status "Submitted to Funder".

Mandatory fields and detailed information is found from the pdf-guide (LUT Intranet, requires login).

Project application statuses used in the LUT Research Portal

  • In preparation: A draft entry. You are able to modify a project application information.
  • Submitted to Funder: All the mandatory fields are filled and the application is handled by the research services.
  • Awarded: After a positive result of the application or funding the status is changed to Awarded. A new Project is formed automatically to the Research Portal.
  • Unsuccesful: After a rejection of the application the application status is changed to Unsuccesful.

Project applications are never visible in the public portal.

Research and Teacher Mobility
  1. Add a new mobility period by clicking Add new - Activities - Mobility.
  2. Select either
    1. Exchange abroad (Outgoing research or teaching visit). Your own mobility information is included to your CV.
    2. Exchange to LUT (Incoming research or teaching visit from another organization).
  3. Fill the mandatory details marked with an asterisk (*).
  4. Save the information by clicking Save or Save and close. The status Non-validated is a draft status.
  5. To make the mobility information visible in reports, select the status Validated. This information is not checked by any staff member like in the publications.

See HR support for internationalization (LUT Intranet, requires login)

To edit your personal information in the portal, login to portal and click the Edit link next to your name. Some of the information is shown on your public portal profile page ( pages).

Edit your profile

  1. Key information tab
    • On this page you can update your biography, academic position in LUT and links to other services or social media.
    • You can also upload or change your profile picture and CV-pdf -file.
    • Some of these information are non-editable as they come from HR-systems automatically once a night.
  2. Business cards tab
    • Here is the list of your active and ended business cards which reflects your working contracts in LUT.
    • You may have a card with an organization "External". This is used for relating content to you but not LUT (for example non-LUT-affiliated publications).
    • This information is updated automatically from the HR systems.
  3. Research profile tab
    • Choose the Research Areas or LUT Focus Areas related to you if you want your profile to be found from the Area filter in the public portal.
    • You can add your Research Interests and Teaching Experience as well as Keywords and Career phase information.

Add details for Curriculum Vitae using Add new CV Activities. Choose the suitable type of activity. This information is shown on the public portal profile page. You can also create a .doc or .pdf format CV from the Dashboards Generate CV button.

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