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LUT Research Portal: Update profile and CV

Instructions for using LUT Research Portal

Update Profile and CV

Your profile is created when you have a first login to the LUT Research Portal. The personal information and business cards (active and ended working contracts) are updated from the HR system once a night. You may update or add items shown in the Key information tab or in the Business cards tab. Not all of these information is shown at the public portal.

  • To update your personal information, login to portal and click the Edit link next to your name.

  • Key information -tab

    • You can update your profile picture and CV-pdf -file from the Key Information -tab.

    • Other information that will be shown in the public portal profile page that should be edited here are: Academic position, ORCID, ISNI and ReseacherID

    • Other information comes from HR-systems once a night, so the data updated will be overrun at the next HR-integration run!

  • Business cards -tab

    • Here is the list of your active and ended business cards (e.g. working contracts)

    • In the public portal, phone, mobile number, email address and URL address information will shown from the Active business card (employment Contract). Go to the Business cards tab and update the Active card by selecting Edit-link (picture of a pen) next to the card. If you have multiple active cards, the information is shown from the first active card in the list.

    • Do not delete any of the cards or the connection to your publications or projects may disappear!

  • Research profile -tab

    • Choose the Research Areas or LUT Focus Areas related to you if you want your profile to be found from the Area filter in the public portal.

    • You can add your Research Interests and Teaching Experience from here.

    • Other information are not shown in the public portal.

  • Other CV Activities can be added from the separate "CV Activities" -menu. (Add new - CV Activities)

CV Activities identifies any experience or achievement suitable for inclusion on your curriculum vitae, including work history, education, publications and professional memberships.

You can add new CV activity to be shown in your profile by selecting Add new -button - Activities - CV Activity. Select the suitable type of activity and fill in the necessary information.


Generating a CV                        

As a Researcher, a CV based on the information in your profile - your work affiliations, publications and awards, can be generated directly from the Dashboard by clicking Generate CV. 

To generate a CV:

  • Select the type of CV you wish to create by clicking the radio button corresponding to the desired CV Type. 

  • Select the Content to include from the available check boxes.

  • Choose the File format.

  • Click Create.

LUT Research Portal

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