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LUT Research Portal: Mobilities

Instructions for using LUT Research Portal

Save a new mobility information

Adding teaching and research staff mobility information

All the minimum 5 working days teaching and research staff mobility should be added to the LUT Research Portal. Both LUT researcher going abroad and for international researchers coming to work for LUT will be added to the system by a researcher or by the LUT contact person (researchers coming to LUT). Only visits of teaching or research will be counted. E.g. conference participations will not be counted as a staff mobility.

The outgoing visitor has to be in a working contract to LUT or a doctoral student, who is an actively involved with a postgraduate studies and have received a regular grant for at least six uninterrupted months.

The incoming visitor shall not be a postgraduate student of LUT or a staff member of LUT.

Definitions of mobility data collection in Finnish

1. Log in to portal

Go to LUT Research Portal ( and login from the top right corner of the page with your LUT user account.

2. Add new

Select "Add new", "Activities", "Mobility" from the top right corner of the page.

3. Select the type

Select the type of the Mobility. "Exchange Abroad" for outgoing staff echange or "Exchange to LUT" for incoming visitors.

4. Fill the necessary information

Mobility type: Exchange Abroad

Visiting type:


Target university:



Mobility type: Exhange to LUT        

Visiting type:


Contact person at LUT:

Visiting details:


5. Save and close

After filling in all the information click "Save and close" and select the status to be saved. In "Non-validated" status the information hasn't still be reported. Select "Validated" if you have filled all the information and want to report your mobility.

LUT Research Portal

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