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LUT Research Portal: Importing Research Output from external sources

Instructions for using LUT Research Portal

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Output from external sources

Importing a Research Output from external sources

Click the Add New button in the top right corner. Then select the "Import from" radio button and select external sources from the drop down as shown in the next figure.

Note! You can only choose your own business cards and relate the publications to your profile. If you want to relate other LUT persons, you need to edit the imported publication afterwards.

Select whether you wish to rerun a Saved search or check the tick boxes next to the names of the sources you wish to import from. Finally, fill the search criteria you wish to search for into the search fields. You can now decide to save this search by clicking the blue Save button. Saved searches will run in the background and send you email alerts if new publications matching your search criteria have been found.

Click the blue Search button to show the results of your search. Select the publications you wish to import and relate to yourself. You will be notified if the publication is already in the system for you, and also if it could possibly be a duplicate, in which case you need to validate the import.

Click the blue Validate button to start the import. A confirmation screen appears. If you had selected a possible duplicate, you will be alerted again that you need to validate that.

Click the blue link to validate the possible duplicate. You could have done that in the previous step also. The validation dialog window opens:

Make your choice and click Confirm. For the identified duplicate only the ID will be imported.

Click Confirm to start the import. You receive a note about the import success and can click the link Validate publications to go to your publication list view or click Done to go back to your main page.

After import

  • check the imported publication information
  • fill in the mandatory fields required by LUT (e.g. JUFO-level, Open Access status, Field of science, LUT Focus Areas...)
  • relate other LUT authors
  • save the publication to status "For validation by library" to be validated.