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LAB Guide to Publishing and Open Science: Home

A Guide to Publishing

​Publishing at LAB University of Applied Sciences aims to improve and enhance knowledge sharing in multi-disciplinary research and development as well as innovation.

This guide is aimed at everyone who is interested in LAB publishing and publications, especially at those interested in writing for a LAB publication. In this guide you will also find more information about open science and research, how to evaluate scholarly publications, and how to promote your research.

Openness is one of the key principles of research, development and innovation activities of LAB. Publishing is part of LAB's teaching and RDI activities, and it aims to improve and enhance open knowledge sharing. LAB is strongly committed to the principles of Open Science in all areas of its RDI activites, including publishing. All our publications are open access and free for anyone to read.

Help with research and writing

LAB publications

LAB publication series

LAB publishes in one publication series. All publications in the series are open access and available online in Theseus.

Online publications 

LAB Open  is an open access publishing platform which publishes articles and audiovisual materials by the staff, students and partners of the LAB University of Applied Sciences. LAB Open is completely open access, so all publications are free and available to anyone.The platform hosts two individual journals, LAB Pro and LAB RDI Journal, which are published continuously. Both journals accept and publish articles also in English.

  • LAB Pro publishes articles directed at both the general and professional audiences. The articles are based on the author’s expertise and work conducted at LAB and can include project updates, views on recent developments in teaching or discussion on current topics.
  • LAB RDI Journal publishes articles presenting the results of LAB's RDI activities, such as workplace development projects or projects conducted as part of a student’s Master’s degree. The articles are based on the author’s expertise and work conducted at LAB.


LAB's four focus area blogs are now gathered under LAB Focus. Each focus area still has their own editorial board.

Why publish?

  • Research and publishing are part of LAB's teaching and RDI activities. 
  • Publications offer an excellent way for staff to highlight their knowledge and expertise, and they are a merit to their author. 
  • Distinguished publications are a demonstration of high quality RDI activities.
  • Publications also help to build the LAB brand further, and with marketing and communications.   
  • Publications, creative expressions, audiovisual materials and software finance 2% of the RDI activities.

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