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LAB Guide to Publishing and Open Science: Open Science and Open RDI

Services for Open Science

Open Science (OS) and Open RDI

Open science has internationally become a significant way of promoting science and increasing its societal impressiveness. Through open science, research results are quickly available to other researchers. This saves resources, improves the quality of research and enables advanced research related questions to be raised. Open science and research excites citizens, companies and decision-makers, and embraces new ideas and generates valuable understanding. Open science increases the opportunities to participate in scientific research. This calls for an extensive accessibility to open publications, open research data, open research methods and tools, as well as increasing skills, knowledge and support.

What is open RDI?

Unlike in universities, the research and development activities of the universities of applied sciences are not so much scientific as they are applied research, based on incorporating their practical knowledge and strong know-how with the latest scientific research. However, the principles of OS still apply to RDI activities. This is why the universities of applied sciences, LAB included, have adopted the term Open RDI.

Open RDI aims to openness in all areas of RDI activities, from methods and collected data to results and publications. The aim is to increase the overall quality, reliability and visibility of RDI activities, as well as to promote the social impact of projects and encourage new innovations.

Open Science in LUT Universities

LUT Universities (LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences) are committed to the principles of openness in their research, innovation and publishing activities. Responsibilities and actions in open science & research and open RDI activities are duly planned and resourced. Whenever possible, the universities cooperate in promoting open science & research and the open RDI activities.

The Open Science and Research Policy for LUT Universities outline the actions by which openness is supported and promoted within LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences.

The shared Open Science and Research Policy was first adopted in 2019 and updated 26th Aug 2020.

Open Science MOOC

The Open Science MOOC is an introductory course into the practices of Open Science that explains how to make the most of the existing outputs of open research. The course is suitable for anyone interested in Open Science, and is available in Finnish and in English. The university faculty can also use the course materials in their lessons.

The course is available for independent study through guest login, though features, such as monitoring your progress, completing the Open Science Knowledge Test, and taking part in the conversations on the forum are only available after you create an account.