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LAB Guide to Publishing and Open Science: Evaluating scholarly publications

Tools for evaluating scholarly publications

LUT University also has access to the following databases (walk-in use available at LUT Academic Library):

Evaluating scholarly publications

Evaluation of research and publications at universities and research departments is increasing; the evaluation is carried out by university administration, single researchers and external evaluators, to mention some.

Using different evaluation tools is also useful for the author. Using evaluation tools can help you find a suitable publications for your paper or article and it can also help determine the validity and reliability of the publication. Evaluation of publications is becoming more and more important now the open science and research is becoming more popular.


Altmetrics are data that can explain both the volume and nature of attention that research receives online. Certain kinds of altmetrics are also indicators for potential downstream impact. Altmetrics can measure how many people have shared or engaged with a scholarly output (e.g., an article, a book, a dataset, software, posters, presentations, videos, and virtually anything else). They can be for example mentions on Twitter or in the mainstream media or page views and downloads (Source:

Want to learn more? What Are Altmetrics is a good place to start. In addition to telling you the basics, the site also provides you with info on the different altmetrics tools and tips on how to use altmetrics in a CV or resume, for grant applications and reporting, and for promotion and tenure documentation.

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Bibliometrics is the scientific field concerned with measuring scholarly publications, authors and citations. 

What is being evaluated?

Countries, universities, research teams, scientific fields, connections between researchers, journals , citation practices.

How is the evaluation done?

By measuring citations, various indicators (impact factor, h-index), ranking lists, bibliographies.

Why is this important?

In the new funding system for the universities, the importance of the research and publications is even greater than before.