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Terms of use for e-resources: Web of Science (WoS)

LUT Academic Library


Web of Science:
- Science Citation Index Expanded: index data cover over 8500 journals across 150 disciplines.
- Social Sciences Citation Index: index data cover 3000 journals across 50 disciplines.
- Arts & Humanities Citation Citation Index: index data cover 1700 journals.

Owning organisation: LUT

LUT University

Authorised users

For each Client, the faculty, students, researchers, staff, outsourced faculty and/or staff in their performance of services for and on behalf of the Client only, and retired members of faculty and researchers (provided they are of Finnish retirement age and retain an affiliation with Client) of that Client and walk-in patrons of the Client.

Permitted use

For the purpose of education, teaching, distance learning, private study, retrieving information and research and for the purpose of research evaluation:

  • view the Databases and Data for the purpose of performing Searches;
  • print, electronically save, and distribute (in any form, including, but not limited to, printed, electronically relayed, posted to User-restricted list services or User-restricted bulletin boards, or magnetically stored) Search Results
  • distribute Data or the Search Results to third parties as incidental samples for illustrative or demonstration purposes and for the purposes of non-commercial scientific research and communication or to be used for the basis of discussion groups only; sharing in this manner with non-authorized users shall be incidental to such Permitted Purposes and not for re-transmission posting on personal or institutional websites;
  • incorporate parts of the Databases or Data or the Search results in printed or electronic course packs for the use of Users in the course of instruction; each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing title and author of extract, title and author of work, and publisher; course packs in non-electronic non-print perceptible form, such as audio or Braille, may also be offered to Users who, in the reasonable opinion of the Client, are visually impaired;
  • display, save electronically, print and distribute (also on the Client's public website in the case of training) insubstantial parts of the Databases or Data including TS's trademarks, screenshots and logos for the purpose of internal marketing or testing or for training Users;
  • use bibliographic and abstract Data retrieved from the Databases for the purpose of publishing research reports and articles and educational course materials only, but not for commercial use or resale.
  • publicly display or publicly perform insubstantial parts of the Databases or Data as part of a presentation at a seminar, conference, or workshop, or other such similar activity.
    - reading impaired users may use Braille displays, voice synthesizers and other devices to enable use.

    Examples of an "insubstantial parts" of a Database or Data include an amount of the Database or Data which: on its own has no independent commercial value as an independent product or work; could not be used by the recipient as a substitute for any database (or a substantial part of it) provided by TS or its Affiliates; or is not used by the Client separately such that it is regularly or systematically updated.

Prohibited use

Users may not

  • copy, duplicate, reproduce, translate into any language, or in any way reproduce any part of the Products;
  • distribute or transfer the Products, or any portion thereof, in any form (printed, electronically relayed, posted to public list services or bulletin boards, or magnetically stored), except in the manner described above
  • access the source code, data algorithms or other aspects of the Products that are not displayed to Users in their authorized use of the Products;
  • reverse engineer, de-compile, translate, modify, distribute, broadcast, disseminate or create derivative works from the Products or otherwise use the Products (or any portion or derivation thereof) in any product or service;
  • alter, obscure, remove, interfere with or add to any of the trade marks, trade names, markings or notices, including, but not limited to, copyright notices, affixed to or contained in the Products or any Updates included at the time such Updates are delivered to a Client;
  • create subsets or derivative databases from the Databases, except as required to fulfill the usage as defined above; or publish or otherwise disseminate Search Results for commercial use or sale.

Remote access

While remote access is permitted for the faculty, students, researchers and staff of the Client, remote access to the Database by members of the public (walk-in patrons) is not permitted.

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