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Terms of use for e-resources: VLeBooks

LUT Academic Library


VLeBooks provides a growing number of eBooks. To read e-books you have to login with your LUT or LAB User Account.

Owning organisation: LUT

LUT University

Owining organisation: LAB

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Authorized user

Authorized user is an individual who at the time of his/her use of the licenced material is authorised by the licensee to access the secure network via secure authentication and who is affiliated to the licencee as a current student (undergraduates and postgraduates), member of staff (whether on a permanent or temporary basis), contractor of the licencee, or through memebership of a professional body.

A walk-in user is also deemed to be an authorised user but only for the time he or she is within the premises of the licensee. Only e-books that are available for online reading.

Terms & conditions

End User and each of its officers, employees and other staff who have access to the Service:

- keeps their respective access credentials for the Service secure and does not share them with any other person;
- does not damage the Service or gain unauthorised access to it or to any Digital Content, and makes no attempt to do any of those things; and
- does not (and makes no attempt to) circumvent any of the DRM or other security measures in the Service or any item of Digital Content,

and the Customer will be liable for each act and omission of each such person in respect of the Service and/or the Digital Content as if it were the act or omission of the Customer itself.

Terms & conditions


Remote access

All access allowed through the Institution's secure network.

How to use