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Terms of use for e-resources: Wiley Online Library

LUT Academic Library


Extensive database of electronic journals of natural sciences and medicine, also economics and social science and humanities is included.

Owning organisation: LUT

LUT University

Authorised users

Authorized Users
Faculty members, students, researchers, staff members, librarians,
executives or employees of the Licensee (whether on a permanent,
temporary, contract or visiting basis)

Walk-in Users
Persons who are not Authorized Users but who are permitted to access the Secure Network from computer terminals within the library premises of the Licensee.

Permitted use

Authorized Users may:
- download, view, copy and save or print out single copies of individual articles, chapters or entries in the Licensed Electronic Products for own personal use, scholarly, educational or scientific research or internal business use.
- transmit such material to a thirdparty colleague in hard copy or electronically, for personal use or scholarly, educational, or scientific research or professional use but in no case for re-sale.
- use, with appropriate credit, figures, tables and brief excerpts from individual articles, chapters or other entries from the Licensed Electronic Products in own scientific, scholarly and educational works such as books and articles
- create a My Profile Page which will allow them to create data files and links to articles, chapters and entries of interest in the Licensed Electronic Products. In order to do so, the Authorized User will have to select and register a user name and password which the Authorized User must keep confidential and not disclose to or share with anyone else.

The Licensee may:
- create links to Wiley InterScience from their Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) records, library catalogs, locally hosted databases or library web pages, provided those links do not result in access to licensed content by anyone other than Authorized Users, or for use in any paid or commercial service.

Authorized Users who are members of the Licensee's faculty or staff may:
- include copies of material from the Licensed Electronic Products in printed and electronic course packs, study packs, resource lists and in any other material (including but not limited to multi-media works) to be used in the course of instruction and/or in secure virtual and managed environments (including but not limited to virtual learning environments, managed learning environments, virtual research environments and library environments) hosted on the Licensee’s Secure Network for use by students of the Licensee’s institution only, as part of their course work. Each item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing title and copyright owner. Course packs in non-electronic non-print perceptible form, such as Braille, may also be offered to Authorized Users who are visually impaired.
- display, download and print out extracts and screenshots from the Licensed Electronic Products, including Licensor’s trademarks and logos for the purpose of internal marketing, testing or for training Authorized Users.

The Licensee's library staff may provide print or electronic copies of single articles from the Licensed Electronic Products for individual Authorized Users for the purposes of scholarly, educational, scientific, research, internal business use or private study.

Prohibited use

Authorized Users may not:
- copy, distribute, transmit or otherwise reproduce, sell or resell material from Electronic Products; store such material in any form or medium in a retrieval system; or transmit such material, directly or indirectly, for use in any paid service such as document delivery or list serve, or for use by any information brokerage or for systematic distribution, whether or not for commercial or non-profit use, or for a fee or free of charge.
- remove, obscure or modify any copyright or proprietary notices, author attribution or any disclaimer contained therein or on any screen display.
- integrate material from the Electronic Products with other material or otherwise create derivative works in any medium, since the exclusive right to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work is vested in the copyright owners. However, brief quotations for purposes of comment, criticism or similar scholarly purposes are not an infringement of copyright and are not prohibited herein.

Remote access

Authorized Users are allowed remote access to the Licensed Material by logging into the Secure Network.

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