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Terms of use for e-resources: Springer eBooks

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Authorised user

Authorised users are students, faculty, staff, researchers and independent contractors retired faculty staff, retired librarians and retired researchers of the Institutions subscribing to Licensed Products and individuals using computer terminals within the library facilities at the Institutions.

Permitted use

Authorized Users may solely for educational, personal, scientific, or research purposes:

  • access (including remote access with the exception of walk-in-users), browse, view, collate, display, search and retrieve the Content,
  • download, store on a hard drive or removable media drive, print and copy in paper and digital form single articles, chapters or other individual items of the Content,
  • use single articles, chapters or other individual items of the Content for the preparation of academic and other educational course materials including print-outs, copies in print and digital format with all rights notices duly presented.

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Prohibited use

You may not

  • remove, obscure or alter any copyright or other notices, trademarks, logos, service marks or any other proprietary rights appearing in or on the Content,
  • update, change, revise, adapt, modify, translate, transform or create any derivative work of the Content
  • re-distribute, reproduce, or transmit the Content by any means including electronic (e. g., via e-mail, FTP) nor post it on their personal or public websites or on public networks,
  • systematically download any Content, use routines designed to continuously and automatically search and index the Content (full text and meta data), such as web-crawling or spider programs or engage in any activity likely to burden the website,
  • make the Content or any part of it available by any means, including remote access, to any person other than Authorized Users
  • directly or indirectly use or assist any third party to use the Content for any commercial or monetary purposes including without limitation any sale, resale, loan, transfer or upload of the Content to a commercial entity’s internet website,
  • use the website to publish, distribute or advertise any promotional material or other forms of solicitation to other users or any other services facilitation of any activities that are prohibited by law.

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Remote access

Remote access allowed through the Institution's secure network.

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