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Terms of use for e-resources: WGSN

LUT Academic Library


WGSN is the World's Global Style Network. LAB orders two collections: Fashion and Interiors.

WGSN Fashion is a database on fashion, trends and:
- Accurate trend forecasting
- CAD design
- Insightful trend analysis
- Design and fashion guidance
- Global fashion expertise
- Constant information

WGSN Interiors is the pioneering trend service for the consumer lifestyle and interiors industry, Lifestyle & Interiors provides specialized intelligence covering a variety of markets from automotive, to hospitality and food & drink.

Owning organisation: LAB

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Authorised users

Authorised users are LAB students and staff. No walk-in -users allowed.

Permitted use

With respect to Content located on the Sites in the “Design Library” (but excluding any Content which is clearly copyrighted to a third party), WGSN hereby grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited license to do the following, solely for your information, product design, development, inspiration, research and manufacturing purposes: view, download and print such Content and create derivative works of pictorial works such as images, photographs, graphics, pictures, illustrations, and designs included within the Content and use your derivative works  on or in your products; provided, however, that in the case of subscribing educational institutions and their Authorized Users, your use is limited to non-commercial, educational use only.

Please note that WGSN disclaims all warranties in relation to such Content including any warranties of title, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, and such permitted use in accordance with this paragraph is solely at the Client’s own risk.

Please, read all Terms & Conditions: WGSN Limited Terms & Conditions

Prohibited use

Save in respect to Content located on the Sites in the “Design Library” (but excluding any Content which is clearly copyrighted to a third party), the following are strictly forbidden and represent a breach of this Agreement, unless prior written consent is obtained from WGSN or the relevant third party Content provider:
(i) Incorporation of Content in promotional items and products (including but not limited to greeting cards, t-shirts, postcards, posters, phone cards, credit cards, templates, CD covers, cassette covers, board games, and calendars), magazines, newspapers, advertising, editorials, catalogs, flyers, brochures, disposable packaging, book covers, and educational textbooks;
(ii) Incorporation of Content in any electronic or digital materials including screensavers, electronic greeting cards, websites, broadcast video, and multimedia including film and video, and CD ROMs;
(iii) Resale of Content in any form;
(iv) Incorporation of names or likenesses of individuals from Content on or in your products;
(v) Incorporation of distinctive locations, buildings, businesses, personal property or products from Content on or in your products;
(vi) Use of WGSN or third party trademarks, trade names or service marks on or in your products; or
(vii) Use, or permitting the use of, Content or any other information on the Sites for generating any statistical information which is sold, rented published, furnished or in any manner provided to a third party.

Please, read all Terms & Conditions: WGSN Limited Terms & Conditions

Remote access

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users via the Subscriber institution's secure network.


It is forbidden to copy and use pictures, photoes or such from the WGSN as a part of published work, such as thesis.