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Terms of use for e-resources: ARTstor

LUT Academic Library


Access to ARTStor will end on 31st December 2021.


Artstor is the most extensive image resource for educational and scholarly use.

It brings together media from the world’s museums, archives, scholars, and artists, with a specialized suite of tools for teaching and learning with visual materials — all rights-cleared for education and research.

Owning organisation: LAB

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Authorized user

Access to content on the Artstor Platform is available for “Authorized Users”, meaning:

Individuals officially affiliated with an “Institutional Licensee”, defined as an institution that maintains a valid Artstor Digital Library Institutional Participation Agreement with ITHAKA. This means, as applicable:

  1. currently enrolled students (including distance education students);
  2. researchers and lecturers affiliated and/or visiting under the terms of an agreement with the Institutional Licensee;
  3. full and part-time staff, including volunteer staff;
  4. on-site users physically present and authorized to be on the Institutional Licensee’s premises (“Walk-In Users”); and
  5. for public libraries and museums, off-site users accessing the Content through a sessions-based arrangement entered into between ITHAKA and the library or museum. 

Permitted use

The Artstor Digital Library is licensed to non-profit institutions. Individuals using the Artstor Digital Library at those institutions are subject to Terms & Conditions of Use of the Artstor Digital Library. This summary is intended to help you understand quickly key provisions in the Terms & Conditions of Use.

  • Noncommercial educational and scholarly uses
  • K-12 community users
  • Restricted access
  • Content in electronic format must be on access restricted sites
  • Printing
  • Exporting/downloading
  • Access software
  • Offline Image Viewer
  • Examples of permitted uses
  • Examples of prohibited uses

Noncommercial Educational and Scholarly Uses

You may only access and use the Artstor Digital Library and any content in the Library, for educational and scholarly uses that are noncommercial in nature. Commercial uses are strictly prohibited.

Examples of Permitted Uses

  • Classroom instruction and related activities (such as handouts, presentations, research, and student assignments)
  • Display or performance as part of a noncommercial scholarly or educational presentation (such as in seminars, classes, lectures, conferences, exhibits, workshops, or similar noncommercial educational and scholarly activities)
  • Student or faculty portfolios, term papers, theses, and dissertations, provided that you follow the access restrictions stated on the previous page
  • Restricted course websites for review and study purposes, provided that these sites are not publicly accessible on the web

ARTstor Terms and Conditions of Use

Prohibited use

Prohibited Uses. Institutional Licensees and Authorized Users may not:

- make any use, reproduction, display, performance, or distribution that exceeds or violates these Terms and Conditions of Use or infringes another’s intellectual property;
- modify, obscure, or remove any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property notices or licensing terms included in the Content;
- incorporate Content into an unrestricted database or website, or make it available to others (electronically or otherwise) except as permitted under Section 4.1 of these Terms and Conditions of Use;
- export, download, or print, or attempt to export, download, or print, substantial portions of any collection within the Content, except as permitted under Section 4.1 of these Terms and Conditions of Use;
- attempt to override, circumvent, or disable any encryption features of software protections employed in the Artstor Platform; or
- engage in any activity that may interfere with, disrupt, burden, destroy, or limit the functionality of ITHAKA’s computer software, hardware, data, system or telecommunications equipment, including the use of computer programs that automatically download or export Content, commonly known as web robots, spiders, crawlers, wanderers or accelerators.

ARTstor Terms and Conditions of Use

Examples of Prohibited Uses

  • Any commercial use and any use that is not educational or scholarly (such as reproductions in alumni materials, in advertisements or commercial materials, or making content available to someone else for commercial uses)
  • Posting content on an unrestricted website or in a publication made available on the web without access restrictions (such as posting an Artstor image on a personal or course website that is not access-restricted, or posting a dissertation or other materials containing Artstor content on a website that is not access-restricted)
  • Reproducing content in the Artstor Digital Library in a publication. Downloading images from the Artstor Library for use in publications is prohibited unless expressly permitted by the content provider (usually indicated by the mark “IAP” appearing next to images). If you would like to use images for publication, please read about the Images for Academic Publishing initiative.

Remote access

Authorized users (current students, members of faculty and staff) are allowed remote access to the licensed material by logging into the secure network of a consortium member organisation.

Walk-in users are not allowed remote access to the licensed material.