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Terms of use for e-resources: Medline

LUT Academic Library


Biomedicine database.

Related to OVID Nursing Collection 1.

Owning organisation: LAB

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Authorised users

- current members of the faculty, staff, employees, researchers, docents of the Subscriber
- individuals who are studying at a Subscriber institution
- walk-in users while at a Subscriber facility.

Permitted use

Authorized Users may:
- view and display (also to other Authorized users) the content and data contained therein on computer or projection screens
- electronically save and print data obtained from searches;
- provide limited copies of data obtained from the searches in print or electronic format to other Authorized Users for educational purposes but limited solely to such educational purposes from an Authorized User to an Authorized User;
- distribute copies of parts of the Products in an incidental manner in print or electronic form to third party colleagues for the purposes of non-commercial scholarly communication or to be used for the basis of discussion groups only;
- Subscriber staff/faculty may incorporate parts of the Products in electronic Course or Study Packs for the use of Authorized Users in the course of instruction by using a link to the required material. Course packs in non-electronic non-print perceptible form, such as audio or Braille, may also be offered to Authorized Users who, in the reasonable opinion of the Subscriber, are reading impaired.
- reading impaired Authorized Users may use Braille displays, voice synthesizers and other such devices to enable use of the Products.

Prohibited use

- copying, duplication, redistribution, retransmission, publication, transfer or commercial or other exploitation of the Product(s), in whole or in part. Use by the Subscriber or by an Authorized User of the Products in the course of research funded by a commercial organization, is not deemed to constitute commercial exploitation.
- preparation of derivative works or incorporation of the Products, in whole or in part, in any other work or system;
- reverse engineering, decompiling or modification of the Products, in whole or in part; and
- uploading, downloading, copying or redistributing the content in their entirety or lengthy sequence.

Remote access

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users via the Subscriber institution's secure network.

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